April 17, 2011

Hi everyone! Its been a while…  I will be delteing this blog 😦 but before I go. I want you guys to follow me on tumblr! 🙂  Please Follow!!! Follow! Follow! Follow!!!

Thank you all for reading! I appreciate you taking your time to read my rambles on ps!



February 5, 2010

I’m back! I wont be posting as often but maybe mostly about Mr and Miss Pet Society.

The top 15 have been picked by you and the challenges are going to start soon!

Mr/Miss PS update.

December 27, 2009

Hey Pet Society Addicts!

Since there are no contestants yet, I will extend it for a long time, now to the 1st of February 2010- that is a WHOLE month!!!!! Hopefully now people will enter!

The Prizes?

The 1st place prize will be 5 Gold Mystery Boxes, the Gingerbread Chair, and a item of choice worth or below 300 coins and a picture with Poppy and the title of Miss or Mr Pet Society!!!

2nd place will get 1 Gold Mystery Box, a item of choice worth or below 300 coins a thank you card, a Mystery Gift and a picture with Poppy!

All contestants who make it into the contest receive a Medium Mystery Box! There are 12 spots!

All entries who enter before the 5th of January 2010 receive a Giant Candy from the food store!!!!!!

Be Quick to enter!

Edited to update: Enter here!

Edited to update 2: I know I accidentally put top 15 but it’s supposed to have top 12! Sorry for any inconvenience!!! Also, you are not allowed to change your eyes, markings or nose if you get in!

My last Update for 2009!

December 22, 2009

Yep The New Year and Christmas are coming up fast and I won’t be posting or be able to till’ maybe after Febuary (even though new year is Jan 1st, I get busy for school starts). But anyway…..

If you need GREAT pet society blogs to read, here are my favourites:

~ – Great Blog! Totally different than the others and mine. 🙂

and ~ – Great Blog too! Really interesting 🙂 .

So everyone, have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year! 🙂 2010! yay!

P.S. Lots of things out at the shops 🙂

Seasonal Update!

December 7, 2009

I said I wont be doing the Updates but I am going to do a Seasonal update due to the EXPLOSION of Items!!!

We finally have Christmas Trees-to hang those Calendar Gifts!

My To-Buy List:



~Christmas Dress


Okay, I will start at the Garden shop!

And the other Items are just decorations for  300coins or less and tinsel-blue and yellow(separate).

My To-Buy List:


~ Decoration

~ Christmas Dress

~ Presents!

Garden Shop = Presents! You may be thinking… what??? But It’s true. More than 90% of pets are probably getting a Tree so what do you put on a tree? Well, at the garden shop, there are HOLIDAY TREE ORNAMENT EGGS, that’s right, Holiday ornament eggs. Send those to your friends! Useful YET not incredibly expensive!

And there is also a flower seed and  a tree seed!

Now on to the two other main shops-sorry… I dont have too much time!


I soo want that DRESS!!! UTRA cute!

and furniture:

Have a merry christmas and a great new year! I’m looking forward to another year of PET SOCIETY!!!

P.S. If anyone can send me gifts, please do!

Tip of the Week #2!

December 4, 2009

This week’s tip is on the topic of  Clothes.

Picking the best outfits can be hard. Try randomizing, maybe try a Wampanoag Girl or Boy Wig and Royal Diamond Tiara with a Panda Mask. Then slip on a tiki outfit, fairy wings if you wish and the matching shoes or bare footed and accessories!

And that’s this week’s tip!

Mr/Miss PS!

December 1, 2009

The 27th of December is the LAST day to enter Mr/Miss Pet Society!

If you want to enter, please download the PDF below to enter!

Miss/Mr PS

If you have a better abbreviation, please let me know!

Edited 2 Update: Please take a Pet Society Snapshot (Portrait) or have your pet on a WHITE BACKGROUND(including floor) and take a Screenshot. *The PS camera is not as good as a Screenshot*